Small Steps, Big Impact

At Earthly Market, our mission is to help people reduce their overall environmental impact.


Finding everyday essentials and household items that don't leave a lasting impact on the Earth can be challenging. Even when shopping for eco-conscious products, descriptions may claim to be "better" for the environment, but how do you know they are REALLY better?


With us, you don't have to guess.


Our offering

Be confident knowing that we:

  • Carefully vet products for quality and minimal waste, with the ambition to be entirely plastic-free or compostable.
  • Aim to offer essential products for your everyday needs, focusing on household and personal care.
  • Assure that all suppliers ship within North America to minimize carbon emissions.

Our goals

There is always room for improvement. We're not where we want to be yet, but we strive to work towards:

  • Establishing an entirely plastic-free supply chain. 
  • Providing continuous guidance and information on the best ways to reduce your ecological footprint.
  • Reducing the cost of zero-waste products so they can be as affordable as unsustainable products you get at the corner store.

Our values

At our core, we believe in the following principles:

  • Transparency
  • Realism
  • Always keep learning
  • Always keep improving

Simply put: We're here to find the best quality, sustainable, and innovative Earth-friendly products, so you don't have to.